Welcome to Liomseter!

In 2021 we are open from 19th June  - 12th September. 

As part of our Covid-19 precautions, you have to book your stay in advance here.

​​​​​​​Welcome to the mountains!

The lodge has 40 bunks in two-bunk, three-bunk and four.-bunk rooms as well as a larger room and a small cabin- rooms where you really get the feeling of the good, old days... 

Beautifully located in a summer dairy meadow, Liomseter is the the place to be in Langsua National Park. It's a superb starting point for day hikes and for fishing, and is popular with families. 

Liomseter is centrally located with hike choices in all directions. It is a natural starting point for hikes in Langsua and for long hikes toward Jotunheimen and Sikkisdalen.

Liomseter is beautifully located in Langsua National park, within Vestre Gausdal in the eastern part on Norway. The terrain is easy going, and everyone can enjoy a day of hiking, get the "wow"-feeling of a magnificent viewpoint and enjoy the magical feeling of the mountain forrest that this area has to offer. This is a nice mountain to visit for both the people who lives for activity, as well as for those who like to take life slow... 

If you are wondering about booking, please email us: liomseter@dnt.no.  We are also available on this phone number: +47 41 45 21 04, however, as the sim-card is plugged into an antenna we are unfortunately not able to receive SMS. 

Here you can find the price list for 2021.

Nice to know: We make all the food from scratch, as locally as we can get it * Dinner: 18.30 * Breakfast: 08-09.30 * daily servings of cakes, small dishes, dinners etc from 10-17.30 * Outdoor toilet, access with wheelchair is possible * We have rooms where you can bring your dog * We lend out a kano and fishing rods

How to get to Liomseter:

Summer: There is a road all the way to the cabin. 

By car: If you come from the south on E6, drive past Lillehammer and take the exit marked "Gausdal". Drive north-westward toward Segalstad Bru and take the left exit to Forset. At Forset, just after the gas station, take a left  and follow the road down the hill. After about 500 m take a right turn following the signs to Fagernes. Keep on this road for about 20 Km, until you arrive at Holsbru. Here, you need to pay a road fee of 80 NOK and then you can continue on the gravel road that takes you all the way in to Liomseter. Enjoy the scenery :)

By train/bus: You can take a train to Lillehammer and then change for a bus that takes you to Forset. From Forset it is about 22 Km to Kittilbu which is the closest DNT cabin (not staffed), or you can arrange in Forset for a fee; book transport with the warden well in advance.

Winter: There is no winter-road to Liomseter, but you are only a beautiful skitrip away...

By car: If you come from the south on E6, drive past Lillehammer and take the exit marked "Gausdal".  Drive north-westward toward Segalstad bru and take the left exit to Forset. When you arrive at Øvre Svatsum take a left exit over the river (just before the joker store), and drive onward southward/upward on Revsjøvegen to Synstgardsetra. Keep to your left when you see the waste bins and pass through the toll (80 NOK). There is also a daily fee of 35 NOK to be parked at Synsgardsætra. 

By train/bus: You can also take a train or bus to Lillehammer and a bus onward to Øvre Svatsum. Transport of people and baggage is available for a fee upon advance booking with the warden.

From Synsgardætra on skies: From the parking station, there is a 15/17 km staked route to Liomseter (the length of the route depends a bit on the snowmobile tracks that again depends on the access of bridges). The route is well marked with signs. The first 5 km are established ski tracks, the rest is snowmobile tracks. 

Alternative route: There is a possibility to access Liomseter by the summer-road (on skis) as there usually is snowmobile tracks following this route as well. However, this is a longer route (about 22 KM), and the route is not managed by DNT as it is a maintenance route for Gausdal Fjellstyre (so the tracks might be new or old depending on their last trip). 

Liomseter Foto: DNT Oslo og Omegn